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How We Measure

Please see how we measure our products.

Every measurement on our website is in Centi Meter based on one-washed state, measured when laid flat. Please note that there might be a slight difference on the sizes.

  • How we measure trousers/ jeans
When the front and the back waist are alined, we measure one end to the other end.
- Rise
From the front waist line to the crotch.
- Thigh width
From the crotch to the other end
- Length
From the crotch to the hem alongside the inseam
  • How we measure jackets/outers 

- Shoulder Width

If the cloths of shoulders lap over the one of chest, we measure the width in-between the seams on the shoulders. In this picture, this jacket is sewn as explained so the shoulder length for the picture below is 38 cm. 

- Chest

From one armpit to the other


- Sleeve Length

From the shoulder to the cuff along side the upper line of the arm

- Dress Length

Below the collar to the bottom alongside the centre of the jacket or outer.

We measure dress length on the backside.