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About us

Spirits of TCB  

"Not only making jeans but we make good life with a good pair of jeans."                                    Hajime Inoue, the founder/owner of TCB

The concept of TCB is to produce modern daily denim clothings inspired by denim products from the good-old days and to propose to you a lifestyle with a good pair of jeans. We are especially committed to putting into our products the details, the vibe, and the mood from those days and pay much respect to denim products as workwear. Workwear should be durable so as to fulfill the duty as workwear but at the same time they age beautifully as you wear, as your clothing help you do your work with you. That concept is what we love the most about jeans.

In addition, we are proud of producing our products and spreading the value of our products all by ourselves as TCB being a factory brand. What we also would like you to know is that WE ARE MAKING YOUR JEANS!

Our biggest motto is that we make clothings that we really want to make. As a result of us going all the way for this principle, we’d be grateful if anyone felt empathized with “Good life with a Good pair of jeans”.