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Diving into one of the best mills in Japan, Shinya mills

The sounds of the shuttle looms roaring like muscle cars, blue dusts from indigo dancing in the whole room, this is one of the best mills in Japan, Shinya mills. It’s also where our 50’s and 20’s & 30’s fabric are woven.There are a few things about Shinya I was quite surprised about. First, the number of machines they have and its machine brand. They have about 70 of these “Ensyu” vintage shuttle looms. I have visited several mills before but 70 is by far the biggest number for sure. You may have heard of the name, GL-3 Toyoda but probably not ‘Ensyu’. By the way, Ensyu means the area close to Mt.Fuji. The mountain represents to Japanese people something mighty or second...

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TCB Denim Ramble Video

Hi folks! We've recently film a short video where Hajime and I ramble on about denim, TCBhistory, stupid small talks, etc. We hope this will be a bit of enjoyment in this time of quarantine.   

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Contest winning fades from Paul Trynka from the UK

Hope everyone is safe and sound all over the world in this horrible situation. As a bit of enjoyment from TCB, I would like to share the pictures of our 50's Jeans  ,20's jeans and how they faded to these beautiful pairs. Both jeans were worn and faded by Mr. Paul Trynka from the UK who is a super famous music journalist.  I can see from the fades that he has worn them with much love. big applause to Paul so kind as to let us have your beautiful jeans at TCB! At TCB, we have his denim books (JP translated ver) when we need to look up for some info about the denim history.  His book is full of...

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TCB Crew's favorite item Part1

Hi, every denim head in the world. Today we'd like to introduce our staff's favorite, starting from the TCB founder, Hajime. Hajime - Waist Overall & Pleated Blouse Co-orp Why? Because we've made this 8oz fabric rope-dyed with pure indigo exclusively for this model. Back then in 1800's,  the denim fabric was mostly hank dyed but we faithfully reproduced the fabric with the core of the yarns being undyed, meaning no one has ever seen how this fabric fades. I'll be the first to see and feel it!   Kikk - Wrecking Crew Pants Denim Why? I've developed a special attachment to this overall since it's my real work wear at TCB. I wear this overall 5 days a week...

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